Mainly Piano Review High Wind Blue Sky

Album Review: High Wind Blue Sky
 ~ Kathy Parsons

Mainly Piano Review High Wind Blue Sky begins with the solo guitar title song, a piece inspired by the feeling “that follows a time of deep sorrows when the gift of grace brings a renewal of the spirit, like Spring bringing light and hope after the dark Winter.” Quietly introspective, the music comes straight from the heart. “Slow Walk Home” begins as a guitar solo, adding cello, voice, light percussion and Ackerman’s guitar as it evolves. The smoothness of bowed cello and Wilding’s voice create a wonderful study in contrasts with the strummed strings of the guitars. Thoughtful and serene, it’s a gorgeous piece! “Agnes” is almost mournful in its emotional expression. A seven-minute piece, the first half is a soulful guitar solo. The mood seems to lighten with the addition of bass, piano, percussion and Ackerman’s guitar – I really love this one!

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Mainly Piano Review by Kathy Parsons

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