Windham Hill – 40th Anniversary

David is Back in the Studio @ Imaginary Road Studios with Will Ackerman

Windham Hill Marks 40th Anniversary!

Working closely with engineer Tom Eaton, Ackerman produced 15 albums in 2015 and 19 more this year. The best of this wave of solo guitarists—Lawrence Blatt, Todd Boston, Vin Downes, Raphael Groten, Trevor Gordon Hall, David Lindsay, Darin Mahoney, Todd Mosby, Matteo Palmer, Jeffrey Seeman, and Neil Tatar—owes a clear debt to the classic Windham Hill sound, creating music that would be unthinkable without the trailblazing recordings of Ackerman, De Grassi, and Hedges. But each is taking the acoustic guitar into new directions, too, exploring deeply felt, richly individualistic paths that are striking for their warmth, clarity, and vision.

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 Acoustic Guitar - Windham Hill article.

When I hear a sound that sounds right, then I start exploring. I literally wait until a tuning resonates with what I’m feeling, until there’s something that says, ‘This is the landscape in which I’m supposed to operate now.’ —Will Ackerman

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